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Peru Mission Project

In an article published in the January, 2008 issue of The Christian Index, FBCLS members Dale Pickens and Hugh Grimmer were spotlighted for their work with our Peru mission project.

The article begins by stating: It was less than a year after meeting international missionaries Mike and Kathy Weaver that Dale Pickens found himself ministering in Peru. Now, he and other members of First Baptist Lithia Springs regularly travel there to train others in spreading the gospel.

The article continues: First Baptist’s accelerated pace in establishing it’s relationship with the South American country is typical of REAP (Rapid Entry Advanced Plan), a church planting strategy of the International Mission Board. The objective of this strategy is to see indigenous, self-sufficient church planting churches established among a particular micro-people group or population segment.

In 2005, six members of First Baptist visited villages outside of Lampa. In Huayta Central village, Hugh Grimmer gathered some young children and a few adults and began telling Bible stories. After 10 or 15 minutes, Grimmer asked if they had any questions. One man asked, “How can we have a church built here?”

“The church is not a building, but a group of people in Bible study,” Grimmer explained. The man confirmed that was what he wanted. The group was ready to leave so Grimmer told the man he would return to share about the church later.

For Hugh Grimmer the highlight of his fifth trip was the baptism of Edgardo Mendez. (Refer to image above) “We have been praying for this for a couple of years,” says Grimmer.

“These people are receptive to the gospel. They need help in establishing Bible studies and churches. I believe the Journeymen can be a great help in establishing Bible studies in the villages and helping lead the Lampa Community Church. But we need more stateside churches to become involved.”

The entire Christian Index article can be found here.

Singing Christmas Carols

From left to right: Linda Patterson Jones, Cynthia Burcham, and Regina Millwood (Schuber)

Church Founding: Tenth Anniversary

April, 1956........First Baptist Church, Lithia Springs is 10 years old. The above image shows Jewell and Arnold Patterson along with Marion and Ruth Beaver celebrating.

The Patterson Family

Rev. J. Arnold Patterson and his bride, Jewell Patterson:

Max, Joyce, Jewell, Arnold and Linda:

Jewell whipping up something good in the kitchen:

Jewell and Arnold with Joyce and Max:

A young Max Arnold:

Arnold and Jewell:

Joyce, Jewell, Max, Linda, Sam and Alma:

Jewell with her children and grandchildren:

Jewell and nine beautiful grandchildren:

Groundbreaking: Educational Building

Founding Church members who were present at the groundbreaking for the educational building in July, 1970.
I.C. Williams, Vassie Williams, Mildred Winn, Pat Chandler, Mira Sinyard, Cora Ralls, Alene Ralls Wallace, Loy Chandler, Jr, and Loy Chandler, Sr.

Groundbreaking: 1946

This is an image of the church founders at the groundbreaking for the first church building (the one that was later destroyed by fire).
From left to right: Mary Gore, Ethel Hodges, Vassie Williams, John and Estelle Rice, Pat Chandler, Jewell Patterson, Amy Copeland, G.W. Southard, Rev. Arnold Patterson, John Cauble, Rev. Pat Johnson, and John Brown.

Rebuilt Sanctuary

This is an image of the rebuilt sanctuary taken in August, 1952.

Arnold Patterson: In Memoriam

Pastor Patterson passed away on December 6, 1980. Dr. Robert Whitmire remembered the first pastor of First Baptist Church, Lithia Springs by publishing the following in the Midweek Guide for December 10, 1980:

From my heart to you....."Do you not know that a prince and a great man has fallen this day," was the response of King David on hearing of his great general's death. Likewise our response is the same on the passing of former pastor and former member of our church, J. Arnold Patterson. A great man of God has laid aside his earthly mantle in exchange for an incorruptible crown. Our church grieves with his dear wife, Jewell, and the family in this time of loss.

Pastor Patterson served First Baptist Lithia Springs from April 7, 1946 until November, 1952.

Arnold Patterson

The following acrostic poem was written by Ileane Hilley in honor of Arnold Patterson, pastor of First Baptist Church, Lithia Springs (1946-1952).

Always we shall remember how Arnold served mankind through the years.

Rewarded with a lovely wife, Jewell, as a helpmate and very dear

Now when the Lord blessed Arnold and Jewell with three wonderful children they were delighted.

Of course, much happiness came as their children and grandchildren visited them day and night.
Leaving his worldly home his Savior to meet inside Heaven’s gate

Dear Arnold, we are thankful for your heart given to leadership on earth teaching us the WORD so we will not be late.

Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints. Psalm 116:15

Arnold, we PRAISE THE LORD for your service and especially your smiles

Telling others the good news about JESUS across the miles.

Thanking the Lord for the opportunities given to you to bless others day by day.

Especially grateful for thy guidance thru the Holy Spirit all along the way

Step by step Lord we PRAISE THY NAME as you uphold Jewell, thou precious soul

Over and over WE PRAISE THY NAME for letting out paths cross with this faithful servant who had great faith and heaven as his goal.

None considering that the righteous is taken away from the evil to come. Isaiah 57:1b

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Church Picnic

The above images are taken from a church picnic. No date was given with the pictures, however, evidence suggests the 1970s.
The location is similar to Deer Lick Park. Who are the people in these pictures?

High Attendance for "M" Night

Click on the image for a closer view.

Brothers Win Sword Drill and Speakers Tournament

Click on the image to see a closer view.

Concord Association Youth Night

No date was given for this clipping.

Letters of Dismission: 1946

The following images are copies of the letters of dismission for the Chandlers. Notice this one contains the words "brother" and "sister" L.T. Chandler. The middle images only refers to "brother" Chandler. The final image is the letter for Ina Myra and Sara Maude Chandler.

These particular letters of dismission are further discussed here.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

First Baptising: 1946

These images are from the very first baptising service at Coursey Lake in 1946.

Groundbreaking: 1946

Amy Copeland and Edna Epps during the groundbreaking for the first building.

Children's Sunday School: 1957

From left to right: Marion Beaver, Hilma McGouirk, Vic Williams, Gwyn Copeland, John Warren, Kenneth Morris, Patricia Frisbee, Unknown, Sonya Wilson, Cindy Couch, ___Wallace, Loy Chandler Sr., Mr. Wallace

Deacons: 1981

Butch Pope, Ray Sinyard, H.V. Branan, L.T. Chandler, J.T. Gamel, Manford Miller, L.P. Prince, Fred Mozley, Ed Demby, Lafell Rakestraw, Howell Holt, B.C. Quinn, ___ King, Claude Foster
Hilton Green, Donald Slate, James Gore, Charles Jones, Fred Entrekin, George Cloud, Harry Harris, Fred Hays, Seldon Green, Walt Maynard, Windell Brown, Carl Bolson,
Jack Hulsey, Robert Hanson, Quillan Mozley
Gene Vinyard

Watermelon, Watermelon!

These images are from a Sunday School social or from Vacation Bible School per the notation on the back. No date is given.

More Early Sunday School Groups

The following pictures represent various Sunday School groups. No dates are given on the pictures. Captions are given just as they are on the original images.

If you want to see the images without the slideshow click on it a couple of times. You will be taken to another page. Look for the blue link on the left side that will say "view web album".

Outdoor Services: 1972-1973

During a sanctuary renovation during 1972-1973 some worship services were held in the parking lot.

Vacation Bible School: 1946

These images are from the very first Vacation Bible School held at First Baptist Church, Lithia Springs held during the week of July 16-21, 1946.

The picture below has the following notation: Jewell Patterson and Vassie Williams, teachers.

The image below is the Beginners Class taught by Cora Ralls and Amy Copeland.
The image below is the Primary Department for VBS. The workers are identified as Mrs. Jewel Brown, Mrs. Virginia Cochran, Mrs. Paul Akins, and Mrs. Ethel Landrum.

The image below are the workers for Vacation Bible School including Hilma McGouirk, Pat Chandler, Cora Ralls, Vassie Williams, Clara Rainwater, Jewell Morris, Jewell Patterson, Virginia Cochran, Jewell Patterson, Ethel Landrum, Arnold Patterson, Amy Copeland.

The image below is the Intermediate group.

Sunday School: Children's Department

An early image of the Children's Department. The children are not identified and there is no date. However, a notation on the back of the image denotes Loy Chandler, Sr. (Sunday School Superintendent) and teachers....Eva Roberts and Lucy Fischel.

Patterson's 50th Wedding Anniversary

Handwritten on the above article from The Douglas Neighbor is the date 1974. You can click on the image to get a closer view.

Ladies Sunday School Classes

The above image is the Bethany Sunday School class. The following people are identified: Alice Dubard (teacher), Annie Dee Cogburn, Susie Earwood, Andrilla Camp, Gracie Davenport, Ruth Beaver, Alice Dubard, Ruby Mozley, Jilbe Childers, and Billie Lee.

An early Sunday School date given. Mrs. Vassie Williams, teacher. Also pictured are Cheryl Williams (Smith), Pam Kerley, Paula Rakestraw, Joyce Brown, Patsy Sinyard, Conchita Ogle, and Mary Ann Collins.
No dates are given for these pictures.