Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sunday School: Children's Department

An early image of the Children's Department. The children are not identified and there is no date. However, a notation on the back of the image denotes Loy Chandler, Sr. (Sunday School Superintendent) and teachers....Eva Roberts and Lucy Fischel.


Anonymous said...

The little boy to the left with the cookie (no hat) is Joey Roberts. The little boy in the middle crying is (I think) Russell Carruth; the little boy with the bandaid on his head sitting down is Robert Berry. The little girl's name standing up in the back behind Russell was "Karen" - don't remember the last name. I am the little girl on the right with the hat (Janet Creel). Since I was born in 1955, I am thinking that this is probably 1958 or so.

FBCLS History Committee said...

Janet, thank you so much for identifying the children in this picture. I hope more people begin to leave comments to help us out.