Thursday, June 26, 2008

The History of First Baptist Church of Lithia Springs: the 1970s

This is part four of a church history written by Irene Leavell and Vivian Cranford, members of FBCLS. Part one can be found here. Part two can be found here. Part three can be found here.

The church occupied the new four-story annex in July of 1970. This includes two adult departments, two Junior departments, library, modern nursery with all facilities, activities area and kitchen. Pianos were bought for all departments, shelving for the library, new equipment for the kitchen. For the first time in the history of the church, there was adequate room. Supplies and equipment are still short in some departments, but are being added as fast as time and money permit.

The first kindergarten program was begun in the fall of 1970 under the able supervision of Mrs. Edna Gore and Mrs. Evelyn Harris. The program was a success from the very beginning and was self-sustaining. Another very successful ministry was begun in August of 1970. this is the Day Care Program under the direction of Mrs. Virginia Bryant. This program is for the children of working mothers from the age of three months to twelve years. This program provides planned recreation and learning experiences and includes hot, nourishing meals. It is providing a much needed service for the members and the community as a whole.

In October, 1971, the church called Rev. Harold Lefler as associate minister. He shares in the total ministry of the church, but has particular responsibility in the areas of music and youth.

There are now 934 members of this great church. It has not been easy, but the people, under the leadership of their two great pastors, have been “laborers together with God.” The future holds great promise and much hard work. There is a new building to fill to capacity and new programs to be launched.

Probably the greatest challenge is the mission to be built on property the church already owns on the Hiram-Lithia Road.

Lithia Springs First Baptist Church has been serving the cause of Christ at home and abroad for the past twenty-five years, and under God’s guidance, will continue to do so.