Monday, November 10, 2008

Veterans Day: Al Reid and the USS Tracer

Commander Al Reid served during the WWII, Korea and Vietnam years. During his 30 year service Commander Reid served aboard the USS Tracer, a special ammunitions ship. More information concerning the USS Tracer (seen below) can be found here and here.

A tribute at the crew site (the first link given) states:

Capt. Reid (his rank during his service on the Tracer) has now attended three of the AGR Reunions. A record that few other former AGR skippers can match. His record, while Captain of the Tracer is hard to match too. During his time aboard the Tracer the ship won the "E" as the most efficient ship in the squadron two years in a row. The ship also won the Ney Award as the Outstanding General Mess Afloat over 775 other ships. His XO was the best too and even made Rear Admiral. You can't do much better than that... Capt Reid has said that his time aboard the Tracer was his best duty in the Navy. Most of us can look back after forty years and treasue the time when we served under Al Reid and Rod Flannery. Two greats in Tracer history.

You can see a picture and the whole text of the tribute here

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