Thursday, October 9, 2008

Church Conference: 1976

The following is a sampling of church conference minutes from 1976:

The Lithia Springs First Baptist Church met in conference on August 4, 1976 with Marion H. Beaver, Pastor, presiding. The minutes of the July meeting were approved as read. The financial and organizational reports were accepted as information.

The following recommendations were made by the Deacons:
1. That the church involve ourselves in an Evangelistic program this Fall.
2. That the church appoint a long-range planning committee.
3. That a survey be made by the property and finance committee for the purchase of needed equipment for the office.
4. That Harry Smith be placed on the honorary list of deacons due to his health.

After explanation by the pastor of each recommendation, a motion was made and seconded for each recommendation and they were approved.

A motion was made that the church send a letter of appreciation and commendation to Mr. and Mrs. L.T. Chandler and Olivia for their years of service (approximately 30) on the Lord’s Supper Committee. Motion was seconded and approved.

The Nominating Committee recommended the election of the following:
Bill Stone-Church Training Director
Dot Callaway-Adult Activities Director
Lena Mae Wilson-RAF Director
Geraldine Bankston-Tape Ministry Director
Howell and Cecil Holt-Lord’s Supper Committee
J.P. Leavell-Preschool I, II, and III Secretary
Virginia Bryant-4 year Preschool Director
Edna Gore- 5 year Preschool Director
Mrs. Emma Lee Smith-8 year Children Director
Mrs. Alice Lewis- 9 year Children Director
Mrs. Edith Griffin- 10 year Children Director
Mrs. Irene Leavell- Adult II Director
Mr. Fred Enterkin-Adult III Director

Emergency Committee for August: Leroy Burcham, Walker King, Harry Harris, Frederick Woodruff

A report was made on the meeting regarding the closing of Lucille Street from Houston Street to Bankhead Highway because of the way it was written up in the public notices of Douglas County Sentinel, there was some opposition made and disposition was made by the commissioners at this time.

The pastor stated that a verbal agreement had been made with Mr. Alexander, Douglas County School Superintendent, that there would be no ball playing on Sunday night at the ball field behind Annette Winn School. There have been games played recently on this field on Sunday night. He also asked Mr. Alexander what the possibility might be of sellling this ball field land. Mr. Alexander said he would check it out.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted
Edna Gore fillling in for Cheryl Meeks, Clerk