Monday, October 27, 2008

The Passing of Mrs. Jewel Patterson

On Sunday, October 12, 2008, members of FBC, Lithia Springs were saddened to learn of the passing of Mrs. Jewel R. Patterson. She was the wife of Pastor Arnold Patterson, the first minister of the church. Her funeral was at the church on Wednesday, Octobr 15, 2008.

Dr. Sam Jones, Mrs. Patterson’s grandson opened the service by remarking that it was appropriate her homegoing was on a Sunday. Mrs. Patterson’s son, Rev. Max Patterson refererenced Proverbs 31: 10-31 emphasizing Her children arise and call her blessed…., and Dorrie Jones, a granddaughter provided recollections from a grandchild’s vantage point. She included memories of the rather large Sunday dinners at her grandparent’s home and how Mrs. Patterson would always make the comment, “Let’s just throw a sheet over it. Someone might be hungry later.” Dorrie ended her comments with the observation that family and friends will live with Mrs. Patterson’s memory, but be inspired by her legacy.

Jerry Johnson, a member of FBC, Lithia Springs recalled the first time he met Mrs. Patterson during a night visitation. Mrs. Patterson suggested to him that church might actually be the best place to meet. Jerry commented that Mrs. Patterson was the epitome of a lady and was always dressed just so.

Rev. Mike Sinyard, education minister at FBC, Lithia Springs remembered he was five when Rev. Patterson and his wife were called away to another church, but made sure he sat in on the classes she taught twenty-four years later at the church. Rev. Sinyard called Mrs. Patterson a master teacher.

Rev. Marion Beaver, minister to seniors at FBC, Lithia Springs remembered one particular Women’s Day event at Olive Springs where he was the pastor at the time. Rev. Beaver asked Mrs. Patterson to speak at the event and stated it was obvious to him she spoke under the guidance of God and could interpret scripture with finese and translated it to our lives with ease. Rev. Beaver went on to say that if God indicated the ordination of women he would have been the first to lay hands on Mrs. Patterson.

Dr. Bob Whitmire, a former pastor of FBC, Lithia Springs stated Mrs. Patterson made a difference and was faithful to the end having given her life to the Lord. Dr. Whitmire went on to state Mrs. Patterson did have her challenges… being the death of Rev. Patterson. Dr. Whitmire remembered he was also challenged by the death of Rev. Patterson in that he was a young preacher at the time and needed Rev. Patterson’s counsel. He was grateful the Lord left him Mrs. Patterson.

Mrs. Betty Robertson and Dr. Dan DeFoor both performed solos and the entire congregation sang Amazing Grace.