Thursday, October 9, 2008

Church Conference: 1976

The following is a sampling of the church conference minutes from 1976:

The Lithia Springs First Baptist Church met in conference on Wednesday evening, November 10th, 1976, with Marion H. Beaver presiding.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as read. The financial and organizational reports were accepted as information.

The Deacons recommended that the church provide two signs for the Concord Associational office on Washington Street in Austell. Also, that our committees of the church meet once a quarter. After a brief explanation by the Pastor, motion was made, seconded, and approved that these recommendations be approved.

The Nominating Committee recommended the election fo the following:
Cindy Vinson, Mission Friends Leader
Clara Winchester, GA Leader
Cheryl Kelley, Librarian
John and Cheryl Mitchell, 8 year Sunday School

Motion was made, seconded, and approved that these be elected to serve.

The Finance Committee recommended that $100.00 be allocated for Coach and Team Night to be held on December 5th. Motion was made, seconded, and approved that this be done.

The Property Committee recommended that the Lithia Springs chapter of Weight Watchers be given permission to use the Houston Street house one night per week. They will pay the church $5.00 per week for use of heat and lights.

Also, that the Cub Scouts be permitted to use the Youth III department for their meetings on Thursday nights at 6:00, with no charge. Motion was made, seconded, and approved that these recommendations be accepted.

Edna Gore, Chairman of the Finance Committee, presented the 1977 Proposed Budget. Copies of the proposed budget had been distributed along with recommendations from the Finance Committee, all to be voted on at a later date. One addition was made which was the Deacon’s Retreat with an amount of $150.00.

There being no further business, meeting was adjourned.

Deacons Emergency Committee: Leroy Burcham, Wendell Brown, Fred Enterkin, Claude Foster

Respectfully submitted
Cheryl Meeks, Church Clerk