Monday, August 18, 2008

An Unselfish Gesture...

The image below is the cover shot from The Helping Hand, the newsletter from the Georgia Baptist Developmental Disabilities Ministry. This edition is from August, 2003.

A blurb was found inside regarding Dr. Marion Beaver (seen in the second image).

You can click on the images to see a closer view, however, the text regarding Dr. Beaver states:

When First Baptist Church of Lithia Springs honored Dr. Marion Beaver upon the 50th anniversary of his call as pastor, they wanted to take up a special offering to honor him. Dr. Beaver, who also served as pastor of Olive Springs Baptist Church in Marietta, now serves as associate pastor/senior adults at Lithia Springs First Baptist Church. Dr. Beaver asked that the special offering in his honor be used to establish a fund to benefit Georgia Baptist Developmental Disabilities Ministries because of his great love and concern for people with mental and physical handicaps. An excerpt from a song written for Dr. Beaver by Lynn Shaw Bailey also expressed the feelings of the DDM family: “…My good and faithful servant, you have served ME well indeed, for you’ve been about My business helping those who were in need…” Many thanks to Dr. Beaver for this unselfish and generous gift.