Saturday, August 2, 2008

Working For Christ in Peru

Early in June, 2008 two young men from FBCLS headed off to Lampa, Peru to live and work among the people there as missionaries.

The night before leaving for Peru Jorge Bello related, “I’ll be leaving at 9:45 to Peru. I’m broke, yet God has provided. My Spanish isn’t perfect, but God will give me the words. A lot of sacrifice….yet it’s no longer my life, but Christ living through me. Lots of fears….yet it doesn’t matter because God is in control.

The next day Jorge's fellow traveler, Austin Morris, said, “I’m in Miami right now and it’s now hitting me how far from home I’m going to be. I miss my girl and my family."

….and so began the travel blogs both young men completed as they worked among the people of Peru. Austin’s site, Austin in Peru can be found here. Chasing God, Jorge’s blog can be read here.

Another member of FBCLS, Drew Powell, joined Austin and Jorge during the last days of their mission trip.