Saturday, August 2, 2008

Jewell Patterson: Service, Family, and Fellowship

Celebrating Pastor Marion Beaver's 80th birthday on November 29, 2002.

Standing before the congregation with Dr. Robert Whitmire.

Pastor Arnold Patterson and Jewell Patterson.

Jewell on a visit to West Palm Beach to visit her sister, Belle.

The Patterson home on Florence Drive.

Girls never really grow up. The above doll house was constructed by Arnold as a gift for Jewell.

Jewell with her brother Edgar and sisters Belle, Ethel, Lou, Millie and Evelyn.

Jewell's birthday celebrated by her Sunday School class.

Fleeing the ship with Dot Calloway, Bob Whitmire, and daugher Joyce.

Jewell and Cora Jones

The above invitation was issued for Mrs. Patterson's ten years of service as the Women's Missionary Union Director for the Concord Baptist Association on September 14, 1986.

Jewell Patterson speaking to the congregation during Groundbreaking Sunday for the Together We Build program in 1983. She spoke about the early days of the church from 1946 through the early eighties

This image shows Jewell Patterson with her mother and siblings....spouses are standing and siblings are seated.

From left to right: Edgar and Esther Renfroe, Mary Renfroe, Ethel Parker and Johnny Renfroe, Belle and George Souter, Millie and Ed Demby, Jewell and Arnold Patterson, Lou and Henry Dewell, Evelyn and Raymond Floyd